How Can Be useful ?

How can be useful

In today’s internet age, building an online presence is imperative for all businesses to be competitive. E-marketing provides businesses with access to mass markets at an affordable price and allows them to undertake a personalised marketing approach. The flexible and cost-effective nature of e-marketing makes it particularly suitable for small businesses.
Following are some of the benefits of e-marketing for small businesses:
• Wider prospect reach – the internet has become part of everyone’s life. So for whatever products you offer, there is already an existing market on the World Wide Web. With e-marketing, it allows you to find new markets and potentially compete worldwide with only a small investment.
• Cost-effective approach – A properly planned and effectively targeted e-marketing campaign can help your business reach target customers at a much lower cost compared to traditional marketing methods.
• Reduction in costs through automation and use of electronic media – e-marketing presents a strong business case in cost savings, particularly in the areas of transactional costs, customer service, digital media channels, print and distribution.
• 24/7 marketing - with a website your customers can find out about your products and make purchases even if your physical (bricks & mortar) premises are closed or you don’t have physical premises at all.
• Personalised one-on-one marketing - e-marketing allows you to reach people who want to know about your products and services instantly. For example, many people take mobile phones and PDAs wherever they go. By combining this with personalised e-marketing, you can create very influential and targeted campaigns.
• Increased interactivity – e-marketing allows you to create interactive campaigns using music, graphics and videos. Through two-way communications, interactive games or quizzes, you can engage your audience and give them greater involvement and control over their web experience.
• Increased ability to track results – e-marketing makes it easier to measure how effective your campaigns are. It allows you to obtain detailed information about customers' responses to your advertising, through the use of methods such as pay per click or pay per action, etc.