International Land Freight   ( Door to Door Delivery )

As a brand name on domestic & International transportation, “ Noureen Logistics  “ can provide problem free land transportation services with strong agency network.

Noureen Logistics   “ provides regular partial and full load transportation services to all Egypt as well as other European countries. “ Noureen Logistics  “.

Noureen Logistics   “ also provides special logistic services to textile producers and can provide GOH (Garments On Hangers) transportation and stocking as well as barcoding, labeling, ironing, pick & pack services.

Noureen Logistics   “ has also built-up the vehicle fleet with Mega / Double-Deck trailers and provides unusual solutions to its clients

Our clients rely on us to transport their consignments (either: Containerized cargo, bulk cargo, project cargo & heavy equipment or consolidated packages).

 We cover all our transported and stored cargoes with complete insurance policies via local and international companies because we believe, first and foremost, in the safety and security of our clients’ cargo

Fair Logistics

Noureen Logistics  “ is proud to provide a complete logistic solution for fairs. We work to keep our customers focused on their own sales and had success in any organization that is

critical for them in presenting their companies and the goods or services they provide to their own clients.

Fair Logistics requires more expertise than other logistic services. The time is limited, the goods should be delivered “Just-in-time” to exhibition area, there are many different

documentations to be filled and processed, customs brokerage should be done one time, international transport, communication with fair logistics providers, unloading at fair site,

insurance, consultancy services are the links of the total chain.

Noureen Logistics   “ Logistics group is providing a complete service for fair organizations from a to z.

· Transportation of good with proper model ( Land, Sea, Air)

· Customs Brokerage

· Unloading at fair site, loading and delivery to stand.

· Storage

and return of empty boxes,

Necessary documentation preparation for Fair İncentive returns. Packing and warehousing (Domestic & International)

Other Logistic services Consultancy service at fair site.